TxtReaderXpress  v.4.3.4431.28582

TxtReaderXpress is a small software that can easily read any written text to spoken words. Designed for all level users.convert text into audio files. Support most read document, such as rich text, webpage, pdf, text, windows xps document.

FontsLoaderXpress  v.1.4.4374.29238

FontsLoaderXpress is a strong font manager, allow you to install one or more fonts temporarily that you want to use with a particular software until you unload the font or reboot the system.The layout is easy to understand and no configuration. You


NetworkBXpress  v.3.1.4373.36617

NetworkBXpress is a professional software designed to help webmasters, website owners and network administrator to monitor websites, LAN computers and remote hosts and servers closely.

Keep Network Alive  v.1.1.4328.27545

Keep Network Alive is a software that will keep your internet connection alive, it runs in the background and pings to the target IP address or domain name. Users will also be able to set the time interval that the software will ping those hosts.

EveryNotes  v.1.1.4374.30716

EveryNotes is a desktop note program. A good sticky notes software for your office and home to keep and manage important information, dates and eventsRequirements: * .Net

PDFStamper  v.2.4

Often copies come back from vendors or your print department with "bates" numbers stamped electronically by the copy machine.

4-Sight Fax  v.7.0.1

4-Sight Fax.

MultiTech (MT5634ZBA) USB v92 Driver  v.1.0.6

MultiTech MT5634ZBA USB v92 Driver is a firmware update (prerelease only) for the MultiTech MT5634ZBA-USB-V92 modem.

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